Open Access Apps, Scripts & Files

Following the FAIR principles, our mission is to offer the community a list of home-made scripts and files for the different types of analyses that we normally conduct when publishing results from our group. If you are interested in more details or want to notify us of any type of bug please let us know, at luis.orduna.rubio (at) Enjoy!

Vitis Visualization (VitViz) platform

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Web-based platform with several tools to visualize gene expression data in the form of expression heatmaps of a desired list of genes, and gene- or list-centered coexpression networks. A JBrowser with DAP-seq data published in our lab is also offered. The tool also includes a search engine for looking correspondencies between all PN40024 genome annotations and the Grape Reference Catalogue.

Other resources

MYB gene Family
Gene catalogues
Gff files

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