Non-doctor researcher position called for TOMSBio lab: hiring of research personnel (Contractat Investigator no Doctor UV CPI-19-243). 

The objective of the contract is to establish an in vitro culture and callus regeneration platform in Solanum lycopersicum, Vitis vinifera, among other species, as models to study the transcriptional regulation of secondary metabolism. In turn, it is planned to establish cell suspension cultures from calluses or other tissues (eg fruit mesocarp cells), for further stimulation by different types of eliciting agents (eg radiation, hormones, sugars, others) for production of secondary metabolites. In this aspect, the contracted will also be involved in the extraction of these compounds and their subsequent quantification with various analytical methods to compare the different treatments.

The activities to be carried out include:
– The growth and management of the aforementioned plants in controlled growth chambers (phytotrons and in vitro culture chambers).
– Optimization of callus generation and maintenance protocols based on explants of these plant species.
– Optimization in the production of cell cultures from plants grown in vitro.
– nucleic acid extraction (gDNA, RNA) from plant organs and cell suspensions.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor of Science and Biotechnologist Degree or similar Master in Plant Biotechnology, or Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants or in vitro Plant Cultivation.

MERITS: Extensive knowledge is required in (1) in vitro culture of plants, especially in Solanaceae such as Solanum lycopersicum (tomato), with special emphasis on callus generation and maintenance and work in sterile conditions, (2) assisted reproduction (sexual crossings) in flowering plants, (3) Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated genetic transformation, (4) genotyped based on molecular techniques and in base to segregation of phenotypes (phenotyping in vitro and ex vitro) and (4) characterization of mutants. Knowledge about the secondary metabolism of plants will be positively assessed, in relation to species of agronomic interest and pharmacist. This will also be positively assessed if there have been practices in the greenhouse or laboratory that increase the production of secondary metabolites. Knowledge of intellectual registration and patents are also desirable. At least one reference letter will be required from a researcher/company in charge that assesses the aptitudes of the candidate and certifies the exposed knowledge.

The text of the call with the application form is available on the following websites:

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