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Grape R2R3-MYB Family

-We have revisited the grape R2R3 MYB gene family (Wong et al., 2016) and adopted their names according to the Super Nomenclature Committee.

→ Grape R2R3-MYB gene nomenclature.

Phylogenetic Trees

The following trees show very similar topologies and clustering of functional subgroups described by Kelemen et al., 2015.

1. Phylogenetic relationships between Vitis and Arabidopsis R2R3-MYB families. (constructed by JTM in Wong et al., 2016).

Grapevine accessions shown with asterisks correspond to RNA-Seq-confirmed or improved sequences. Proteins isolated from other cultivars are shown with letters (CS: Cabernet Sauvignon, SH: Syrah). Annotations without RNA-Seq confirmation were taken from the Pinot Noir reference genome (PN). AtmaMYB was used as outgroup (AT5G45420). Red lines represent subgroups that were further defined based on the presence of C-terminal motifs identified in MEME and/or described by Stracke et al. (2001). Bootstrap values (>75) are shown on a coloured scale ranging from purple to blue. Click on thumbnail to access the high-resolution image. You can also access the PDF version (no subgroup numbering) for manually inspecting IDs, click here.

2. Bayesian Tree for Maximum Likelihood Vitis-Arabidopsis using AQUILO (UniProtKB – D7T987) as outgroup (constructed by Alberto Perez-Tejeda, Master’s degree student in Bioinformatics).



Cannabis R2R3-MYB Family



Morus R2R3-MYB Family